How to choose a wedding venue for a beach wedding

How to Choose a Wedding Venue for Your Beach Wedding

Having a wedding on the beach is a great combination of creative and romantic.  With the ocean as your backdrop, an organically beautiful beach scene is created.  A beach wedding company can provide you with everything you need for the wedding ceremony.  The next decision is where to have the reception.  First and foremost,  ask the prospective venue if they can offer you a backup plan in case of inclement weather.  Most venues will have something you can use.  It may be an additional ballroom that is not in use or in many cases the ceremony can be set up where the reception is going to be held.  You may just have to have a little patience in between the ceremony and reception while things are being changed.  However, this is usually not that big of an issue as this is when your wedding portraits will be taken.  This is so important to establish as it will take all weather-related concerns out or your head.  Of course, most beach weddings are not affected by rain it is always important to have a backup plan.  Next, you must consider your budget and potential guest count.  When it comes to budget be honest with yourself with how much money can be spent.  The reception will most likely be the most expensive part of your wedding.  Generally, beach weddings will have a smaller guest total especially since it is usually a destination wedding of sorts.  The average beach wedding will have 50 guests.  Most reception venues will charge a minimum of $80 – $120 per guest.  For example, $100 per guest multiplied by 50 guests will give you a total cost of $5000 dollars.  This may seem expensive, however, depending on the venue this could include dinner, appetizers, open bar, room rental, tables, chairs, linens.  By keeping the guest count to a smaller number, it will really give extra room in the budget for other things like the dress, tuxedo, etc.  After some research has been done you must decide on your date and start inquiring about wedding venue availability.  With friends and family traveling to the beach you may want to consider having the wedding on a Friday, Sunday or even other days of the week.  Wedding Venues may offer you a discount for weddings on a day other than Saturday.  Where will your guests stay?  Research if the wedding venue will offer a discount on room rentals for your guests.  How many rooms available will the venue have? These are all great questions to ask ahead of time.