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Dewey Beach Weddings


Dewey Beach Weddings

The day is made for sunny fun and the nights are made for revelry in Dewey Beach, which has always been proud of its rock-and-roll soul and its young-and-restless attitude. It is also blessed with ocean beaches on one side and a broad bay on the other.

Beach Weddings are free with the town but we will notify the town of the wedding.   However, hotel rooms are limited in Dewey Beach.  As a result, many couples choose to rent a large beach house and walk to the beach from their home.  Remember homes are available to rent year round.  Sunny Beach Weddings recommends planning a beach Wedding in April, May, September or October.  This allows you to save a lot on your home or hotel rental.  The offseason months provide cooler temperatures and more privacy on the beach.  Finally, if you are planning a beach wedding from Memorial Day to Labor Day we offer services before 9 am and After 5 pm.

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