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Ocean City, Maryland offers street after street of great spots to get married. So we recommend planning your beach wedding ceremony at the nearest beach to your hotel or condominium. We also recommend planning a beach Wedding in April, May, September or October. The off-season months provide cheaper hotel prices, cooler temperatures and more privacy on the beach. Please note that from Memorial Day to Labor Day Sunny Beach Weddings only will offer services before 9 am and after 5 pm.

Sunny Beach Weddings has created a list of reasons why Ocean City, Maryland is the ideal location for a beach wedding.

1. Clean Beaches
2. Free Parking
3. Endless Locations
3. Great Hotels
4. Delicious Restaurants
5. Great Night Life
6. Free Beach Weddings- and no permit required by the city

Also wheelchair rental is available from the OC Police Department

Let Sunny Beach Weddings help you plan your Ocean City  Maryland Beach Wedding.


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Also please review our Beach Wedding Packages. This will help to begin your planning process.  We also have great beach wedding ideas. If you plan to get married in  Ocean City, MD you have to obtain a marriage license from the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. You also can print the non-resident marriage license affadavit form for the state of Maryland

Your beach wedding package will include a kind minister.   An experienced and talented beach wedding photographer.  Not to mention a DJ to play your ceremony and first dance music.  You have the option to add a videographer.  As part of your wedding package, you will also have chairs for your guests to sit on.  An altar to stand under.  A table for an optional sand ceremony.  And a wedding runner to walk down the aisle on.  We are happy to customize your beach wedding package.  So please call Sunny Beach Weddings today.

In addition, we can help you plan a beach wedding on a budget.

Not to mention we have great beach wedding ceremony ideas.  First of all writing, your own vows can be unforgettable.  Also having a sand ceremony with your spouse.  Or if you already have children you may want to include them in the sand ceremony.

Furthermore, you can start planning your Ocean City beach wedding today.  So just contact Sunny Beach Weddings.

Tips for Planning Ocean City Weddings on the Beach 

Permits:  When planning a beach wedding make sure you have required all the proper permits.  The great part of having a Beach Wedding in Ocean City, Maryland is there is no permit required.  If choosing a different location such as Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Beach Delaware, then you want to reach out to Sunny Beach Wedding to find out the permit location.

Time of Day:  The ideal time of day for a Beach Wedding is one and a half hours before Sunset.  The Beach Wedding will have cooler temperatures.   You and Your Wedding Guests will be far more comfortable.  In addition, the beach will have far less crowding no matter the time of year.  Finally, the beach wedding ceremony will end approximately one hour before sunset. This is the best time of day to have your beach wedding portraits taken.  The natural lighting is best for your wedding portraits this time of day.

Ditch the long veil: Having a Beach Wedding in Ocean City Maryland is a great location.  Most days are comfortable and beautiful.  Rain is usually not a factor.  However, the wind can be an issue from time to time.  A long veil can be distracting and annoying in windy conditions.

Skip the big dress: Walking on the Beach in a large formal Wedding Gown will not be easy on the beach.  Choosing a more simple form-fitting dress is often better for a beach wedding.  A simpler dress will provide comfort in beach wedding conditions.  Most times a simpler wedding gown will better match the attire of the groomsmen during a beach wedding.

Loose the heels Sand and high heels just don’t mix. Wear flat-sole sandals espadrilles or wedges — shoes that won’t sink into the sand.  Have your gown hemmed with or without shoes, depending on which option you choose. The sand can get hot for some beach weddings so barefoot is not always a good option.

Avoid tan lines and sunburns.  You have planned your beach wedding in Ocean City Maryland months ahead of time.  You arrive a couple days early to soak in some sun. Please use plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburns on your wedding day.  Wear bathing suits that will not show tan lines in your wedding gown. Remind the groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids the same thing.  Your beach wedding group portraits will not look as good if some of the wedding party is sunburned or has noticeable tan lines.

Finally, Sunny Beach Weddings will show you how to plan your beach wedding step by step.

Sunny Beach Weddings can help this dream become a reality. 

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