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Recently Engaged? How to Plan the Beach Wedding of Your Dreams

Holidays are certainly an exciting time of the year.  For many couples both young and old it is a life-changing time of the year.  Thanksgiving to Valentines Day is by far the most popular time of the year to “pop the question”.

Wedding Season in the Beaches of Maryland and Delaware is from Late April to Late October.  Engagement season here is from Late November to Early February.

Sunny Beach Weddings will be revealing the 10 most popular days of the year to get engaged.

Christmas Day is the most popular day of the year to ask your future bride or groom to spend the rest of your lives together.

If you are hoping to get your engagement ring for Christmas here are some reasons why you might be pleasantly surprised on Christmas Day.

  1.  There is a good chance you have taken your bride or groom to be, shopping in a mall for Christmas in the past few weeks.  A great opportunity to “casually” drop by a few wedding ring shops to get some ideas of what your loved one would like.
  2. Your man or woman needs a great gift idea.  Of course nothing better than an engagement ring.
  3. Proposing Christmas Day in front of a Christmas Tree is a great place to go down on one knee and pop the question.
  4. Friends and Family will be gathering together.  Plenty of great opportunities to announce the engagement and upcoming wedding.  Furthermore, it is a great time to have an engagement party.

Congratulations from Sunny Beach Weddings on your Christmas Engagement!

Next, we will reveal the second most popular day of the year to get engaged.

How to Plan a Beach Wedding

The following is a step by step guide on how to plan a beach wedding in Delaware or Maryland.

A beach wedding is perfect for the bride and groom looking to save money, save on planning headaches, but still have a beautiful wedding.

First of all, choose a date for the wedding.  Beach weddings in Delaware and Maryland can be as early as late March and as late as November.  Different times of year will present different advantages.  The most popular times of the year for beach weddings in Delaware and Maryland are May, June, September, and October.  The beaches are less crowded and the weather is typically cooler.  However, it is most important to pick a date that works best for the bride, groom, and family.

Once settled on a date it is important to pick a location.  Each Beach town in Maryland and Delaware have different rules and regulations for beach weddings.  Some require a paid permit.  Rehoboth Beach requires a 400 dollar permit.  Ocean City, Maryland is free but you must notify the town of the wedding.  A local beach wedding planning company can assist you in choosing a location.

Next, choose the time of day for the wedding.  Evening weddings provide the ideal setting for crowding, weather, and lighting for beach wedding portraits.  However, you may decide to do an early morning wedding especially if it is in July or August.

Create a guest list.  This, of course, can be altered down the road.  However, it is important to get an estimate of how many people will be attending the wedding.  This is vital information on deciding on where to stay and where to have the reception.  With 20 guests you may decide to have an intimate reception at the house you have rented out.  A smaller guest list will give you flexibility with many different restaurant options.  With a larger guest list, you will have to book a reception venue far in advance.

Now that the guest list has been created, decide on where you the bride and groom will be staying.  This could be a hotel or a house.  Next, decide where the family and bridal party should stay.  Finally, look for additional lodging options for additional wedding guests outside of the family and bridal party.

As mentioned before the reception location will be dictated by how many guests are there.  If you have rented a large house and have under 40 guests, you may decide to have the reception there.  You have the option to order food in or use a caterer.  With a larger guest list, it will be best to book a restaurant or wedding venue to host the event.

Once the location for the ceremony is set and you have chosen the date and time, it is time to plan the ceremony.  A beach wedding company can set this up entirely.  A beach wedding company will provide the minister.  The minister will reach out to you to customize the ceremony to your needs.  They will also provide the photographer.  The photographer can be booked for the ceremony and portrait session.  The photographer may also be booked for reception hours.

The beach wedding company will also provide a wedding altar along with chairs for the guests to sit. Most beach wedding companies will also provide ceremony music.  Your song choices for the bridal march, wedding processional and wedding recessional.

The majority of the day is now planned.  It is time to fill in the final details.  This includes deciding on a wedding dress.  Bridesmaids and flower girl’s dresses must also be chosen if you are having them.  Dress for the men is usually more on the casual side for a beach wedding.  Khaki shorts and pants, solid-colored shirts and bow ties is a very popular look for men at a beach wedding.

Find a wedding cake. Cupcakes are very trendy for weddings in 2019.  Cupcakes may be a good option, especially for a smaller wedding.

Choose an invitation to mail out.  You may decide against invitations especially for a smaller beach wedding.  If you are having more than 30 guests, invitations with return RSVPs will help organize your wedding day planning.

Of course, it still sounds like a lot right?  Most couples who decide to have a beach wedding are thrilled with how much easier the planning was than they thought.  Much simpler and easier than a traditional church wedding.

Best of Luck to the Bride and Groom!!

Free Beach Wedding Planning

So you are planning a beach wedding.  Great that is, of course, a wonderful idea.  Half the stress of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.  If you live in Ocean City, Maryland, have a minister you can use, and know a talented photographer than you are all set right?  Well, there still is a little more to know which we will go over at the end of this article.  If you are not from the beach you may need some free beach wedding planning.

What if someone from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or anywhere else far from the Maryland and Delaware beaches was looking to plan a beach wedding?  That person may want to look to the free planning services of Sunny Beach Weddings.  Of course, nothing in life is completely free but we do offer free wedding planning services with any of our wedding packages.  Our wedding packages include as many wedding services as you need.

Even most locals will not know the different rules and regulations of the different beaches in Maryland and Delaware.  Assateague Island, Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach all have different rules for having a beach wedding.  Some require permits, others do not.  But all require notification and a grant of permission to have a wedding ceremony on the beach.   Sunny Beach Weddings will make sure everything is in line with the specific beach tow.  In addition,  Sunny Beach Weddings will put your mind at ease that nothing will get in the way of you having a beautiful and romantic beach wedding.