Beach Wedding Locations

Choose from all our great beach wedding locations in Maryland and Delaware. Explore our dream beach wedding destinations.

ocean city md wedding packages

Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland offers street after street of great spots to get married.

bethany beach wedding packages

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach, Delaware is a perfect location for your Dream Beach Wedding

assateague island wedding


Assateague Island provides a peaceful location for a beach wedding.​

assateague island wedding

Rehoboth Beach

A great place to have a Beach Wedding in Delaware's most visited city.

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Dewey Beach

This location blessed with ocean beaches on one side and a broad bay on the other.


Nowhere can the beauty of Cape Henlopen State Park be equaled.

Fenwick Island

Fenwick Island, Delaware is a quiet beach town just north of Ocean City, Maryland.  In addition, the town is proud of its peaceful family-oriented lifestyle and beautiful beach.

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Sunrise Wedding

A Sunrise Wedding is a wonderful way to have a beach wedding filled with peace and beauty.  We can help you plan a Sunrise Ceremony in any of the beaches in Delaware or Maryland.