How to choose a wedding venue for a beach wedding?

Having a wedding on the beach is a great combination of creative and romantic.  With the ocean as your backdrop, an organically beautiful beach scene is created.  A beach wedding company can provide you with everything you need for the wedding ceremony.  The next decision is where to have the reception.
First and foremost,  ask the prospective venue if they can offer you a backup plan in case of inclement weather.  Most venues will have something you can use.  It may be an additional ballroom that is not in use or in many cases the ceremony can be set up where the reception is going to be held.  You may just have to have a little patience in between the ceremony and reception while things are being changed.  However, this is usually not that big of an issue as this is when your wedding portraits will be taken.  This is so important to establish as it will take all weather-related concerns out or your head.  Of course, most beach weddings are not affected by rain it is always important to have a backup plan.
Next, you must consider your budget and potential guest count.  When it comes to budget be honest with yourself with how much money can be spent.  The reception will most likely be the most expensive part of your wedding.  Generally, beach weddings will have a smaller guest total especially since it is usually a destination wedding of sorts.  The average beach wedding will have 50 guests.  Most reception venues will charge a minimum of $80 - $120 per guest.  For example, $100 per guest multiplied by 50 guests will give you a total cost of $5000 dollars.  This may seem expensive, however, depending on the venue this could include dinner, appetizers, open bar, room rental, tables, chairs, linens.  By keeping the guest count to a smaller number, it will really give extra room in the budget for other things like the dress, tuxedo, etc.
After some research has been done you must decide on your date and start inquiring about wedding venue availability.  With friends and family traveling to the beach you may want to consider having the wedding on a Friday, Sunday or even other days of the week.  Wedding Venues may offer you a discount for weddings on a day other than Saturday.
Where will your guests stay?  Research if the wedding venue will offer a discount on room rentals for your guests.  How many rooms available will the venue have? These are all great questions to ask ahead of time.

What is the second most popular day of the year to get married?

Christmas was the first and yes you probably guessed it right, Valentine's Days is the second most popular day of the year to get married.

It may seem cliche to many, but it is a day completely associated with love.  No better way to tell him or her that you love them than with an engagement ring.  While she will like flowers or chocolates, you will make her heart melt by proposing.

Valentine's Day marks the end of engagement season.  While it may seem like you are short on time for wedding planning for the 2019 season, you actually have plenty of time to pull of a fantastic wedding.

Beach Wedding Set-up

A beach wedding set-up is a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your beach wedding.  It is a great way to claim your spot on the beach, creating a space that other beach goers will stay away from.
Our beach wedding set-up includes the following:
Bamboo Altar with white draping.  A three pole setup.  An eight-pole setup is available for an additional fee.
Center Aisle Runner.
Sand Ceremony and Decoration Table.
Ceremony Music.
12 Wedding Chairs.  Additional Chairs are available at 5 dollars.
The Beach Set-up is included in the Classic and Hollywood Wedding Packages.
The Beach Set-up can be booked a la carte for 600.
Please check out our pricing and wedding packages here:

Assateague Island Wedding

How to Plan a Beach Wedding in Bethany Beach, Delaware

So you are recently engaged and anxious to start planning your wedding.  You have always dreamed of getting married on the beach, but you have no idea where to start.  It is actually easier than you think and we will show you how to accomplish all the planning in days instead of weeks or months.

Step One:  Choose a Date.  We highly recommend choosing a Date in April, May, June, September, or October for Bethany Beach.  Many couples still get married in July and August and we are not discouraging this. However, the peak summer months provide warmer temperatures and crowded beaches.  If you choose a summer date, it is best to have the wedding in the early morning or late evening.  We have been a part of weddings planned two weeks in advance and also weddings that have been planned three years in advance.

Step Two:  Choose a reception venue in the Bethany Beach Area.  If you are having a larger wedding you will need to book in advance.  If the wedding is a smaller group you will have more flexibility with restaurants or could even have the reception in your home or rental home.  If renting check your rental agreement to see if the owner allows such events.

Step Three:  Book your vendors.  For the ceremony, you will need a wedding officiant and a portrait photographer at minimum.  Do not rely on a "friend who is an amazing photographer" to take your pictures.  Wedding portraits are the most important memory of your special day and you do not want to take any chances on these.  A professional wedding photographer is a must.  You may also want ceremony chairs, ceremony music, a wedding altar, DJ, and limo service.  We can also recommend a great local bakery for your wedding cake.

Step Four:  Decide who will be in your bridal party and who you are inviting to the wedding.  This is also the time to pick out the wedding dress and decide on the groom, bridesmaid and groomsmen attire.

Step Five: Notify the town of Bethany Beach of your plans to have a wedding ceremony.  Currently, there is no permit fee to get married on the beaches of Bethany.  We can show you how to notify town hall.

Step Six:  Think of any finishing touches you need.  Do you want professional hair or makeup?  Do you want to give out any kind of favor to your guests?  Do you want to personalize the ceremony or reception with photographs of things unique to the two of you?

Step Seven:  Contact the wedding officiant to go over the details of the wedding ceremony.  In most cases, the officiant will contact you.

Step Eight: Relax and get ready for you spectacular Wedding Day.

If you need help planning your Bethany Beach Wedding Ceremony please contact the team at Sunny Beach Weddings.  We can provide you with a wedding officiant, portrait photographer, wedding videographer, chair rental, ceremony music, wedding altar and more.  All of these things are included in our affordable beach wedding packages.  We also offer free beach wedding advice to anyone looking to plan a beach wedding.

Engagement Season

ocean city maryland wedding packages

Holidays are certainly an exciting time of the year.  For many couples both young and old it is a life-changing time of the year.  Thanksgiving to Valentines Day is by far the most popular time of the year to "pop the question".

Wedding Season in the Beaches of Maryland and Delaware is from Late April to Late October.  Engagement season here is from Late November to Early February.

Sunny Beach Weddings will be revealing the 10 most popular days of the year to get engaged.

Christmas Day is the most popular day of the year to ask your future bride or groom to spend the rest of your lives together.

If you are hoping to get your engagement ring for Christmas here are some reasons why you might be pleasantly surprised on Christmas Day.

  1.  There is a good chance you have taken your bride or groom to be, shopping in a mall for Christmas in the past few weeks.  A great opportunity to "casually" drop by a few wedding ring shops to get some ideas of what your loved one would like.
  2. Your man or woman needs a great gift idea.  Of course nothing better than an engagement ring.
  3. Proposing Christmas Day in front of a Christmas Tree is a great place to go down on one knee and pop the question.
  4. Friends and Family will be gathering together.  Plenty of great opportunities to announce the engagement and upcoming wedding.  Furthermore, it is a great time to have an engagement party.

Congratulations from Sunny Beach Weddings on your Christmas Engagement!

Next, we will reveal the second most popular day of the year to get engaged.

How to Plan a Beach Wedding

The following is a step by step guide on how to plan a beach wedding in Delaware or Maryland.

A beach wedding is perfect for the bride and groom looking to save money, save on planning headaches, but still have a beautiful wedding.

First of all, choose a date for the wedding.  Beach weddings in Delaware and Maryland can be as early as late March and as late as November.  Different times of year will present different advantages.  The most popular times of the year for beach weddings in Delaware and Maryland are May, June, September, and October.  The beaches are less crowded and the weather is typically cooler.  However, it is most important to pick a date that works best for the bride, groom, and family.

Once settled on a date it is important to pick a location.  Each Beach town in Maryland and Delaware have different rules and regulations for beach weddings.  Some require a paid permit.  Rehoboth Beach requires a 400 dollar permit.  Ocean City, Maryland is free but you must notify the town of the wedding.  A local beach wedding planning company can assist you in choosing a location.

Next, choose the time of day for the wedding.  Evening weddings provide the ideal setting for crowding, weather, and lighting for beach wedding portraits.  However, you may decide to do an early morning wedding especially if it is in July or August.

Create a guest list.  This, of course, can be altered down the road.  However, it is important to get an estimate of how many people will be attending the wedding.  This is vital information on deciding on where to stay and where to have the reception.  With 20 guests you may decide to have an intimate reception at the house you have rented out.  A smaller guest list will give you flexibility with many different restaurant options.  With a larger guest list, you will have to book a reception venue far in advance.

Now that the guest list has been created, decide on where you the bride and groom will be staying.  This could be a hotel or a house.  Next, decide where the family and bridal party should stay.  Finally, look for additional lodging options for additional wedding guests outside of the family and bridal party.

As mentioned before the reception location will be dictated by how many guests are there.  If you have rented a large house and have under 40 guests, you may decide to have the reception there.  You have the option to order food in or use a caterer.  With a larger guest list, it will be best to book a restaurant or wedding venue to host the event.

Once the location for the ceremony is set and you have chosen the date and time, it is time to plan the ceremony.  A beach wedding company can set this up entirely.  A beach wedding company will provide the minister.  The minister will reach out to you to customize the ceremony to your needs.  They will also provide the photographer.  The photographer can be booked for the ceremony and portrait session.  The photographer may also be booked for reception hours.

The beach wedding company will also provide a wedding altar along with chairs for the guests to sit. Most beach wedding companies will also provide ceremony music.  Your song choices for the bridal march, wedding processional and wedding recessional.

The majority of the day is now planned.  It is time to fill in the final details.  This includes deciding on a wedding dress.  Bridesmaids and flower girl’s dresses must also be chosen if you are having them.  Dress for the men is usually more on the casual side for a beach wedding.  Khaki shorts and pants, solid-colored shirts and bow ties is a very popular look for men at a beach wedding.

Find a wedding cake. Cupcakes are very trendy for weddings in 2019.  Cupcakes may be a good option, especially for a smaller wedding.

Choose an invitation to mail out.  You may decide against invitations especially for a smaller beach wedding.  If you are having more than 30 guests, invitations with return RSVPs will help organize your wedding day planning.

Of course, it still sounds like a lot right?  Most couples who decide to have a beach wedding are thrilled with how much easier the planning was than they thought.  Much simpler and easier than a traditional church wedding.

Best of Luck to the Bride and Groom!!

Free Beach Wedding Planning

So you are planning a beach wedding.  Great that is, of course, a wonderful idea.  Half the stress of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception.  If you live in Ocean City, Maryland, have a minister you can use, and know a talented photographer than you are all set right?  Well, there still is a little more to know which we will go over at the end of this article.  If you are not from the beach you may need some free beach wedding planning.

What if someone from Pennsylvania, Ohio, or anywhere else far from the Maryland and Delaware beaches was looking to plan a beach wedding?  That person may want to look to the free planning services of Sunny Beach Weddings.  Of course, nothing in life is completely free but we do offer free wedding planning services with any of our wedding packages.  Our wedding packages include as many wedding services as you need.

Even most locals will not know the different rules and regulations of the different beaches in Maryland and Delaware.  Assateague Island, Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach all have different rules for having a beach wedding.  Some require permits, others do not.  But all require notification and a grant of permission to have a wedding ceremony on the beach.   Sunny Beach Weddings will make sure everything is in line with the specific beach tow.  In addition,  Sunny Beach Weddings will put your mind at ease that nothing will get in the way of you having a beautiful and romantic beach wedding.

Last Minute Weddings

assateague island wedding

The Big Church Wedding with the fancy reception at the grand downtown hotel is not for everyone.  It takes time, hours and hours of planning, and of course plenty of money.

Many couples are looking to plan a fast, inexpensive yet still beautiful and memorable wedding.  Well if you can get to the beaches of Maryland or Delaware Sunny Beach Weddings can help this happen for you.

There are many reasons couples need to plan a last minute wedding.  Perhaps the bride or groom is in the military and is about to be shipped off to sea for 6 months.  Maybe it is the second marriage. It could even be that the couple wants to plan a quick and intimate wedding where it will only be the two of them or just a few friends.  Whatever, the reason Sunny Beach Weddings will work out all the details.

Sunny Beach Weddings can provide you with a minister, wedding photographer, bamboo altar, ceremony music and more all in a matter of days.  All the bride and groom need to do is bring the marriage license.

Providing services from Assateague Island Maryland to Lewes, Delaware we can help with any beach location.  Each beach has different rules and regulations when it comes to weddings so please contact us today for more information on what location may work best for you.


assateague island wedding

Happy Halloween from Sunny Beach Weddings! Standing on the beach today of Ocean City, Maryland wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Halloween 2018.  Could this be true?  While a little warmer than average, it shows that having a late October Wedding in Bethany Beach, Delaware or Ocean City, Maryland could be a fine idea.

Perhaps the two of you have a special place in your heart for Halloween.  Sunny Beach Weddings would love to have a Halloween themed wedding with you.

Halloween will come and go today which means tomorrow is November 1st.  The beginning of engagement season.  Over 75 percent of all wedding engagements happen from November 1st to February 14 (Valentines Day).

A beach wedding could be a great way to start your lives together.  We specialize in all inclusive beach wedding ceremonies.  Our season begins as early as late March and we will continue to have beach weddings until early November.

Vow Renewal in Ocean City, Maryland

Vow Renewal in Ocean City, Maryland

A vow renewal in Ocean City, Maryland is the perfect way to publicly recommit the love you have for your spouse in front of friends and family.

Whether you have a been married 5, 10, 20 or any other number of years a vow renewal is a memory you will treasure together.

Sunny Beach Weddings is going to provide you a few ideas for your upcoming vow renewal on the beaches of Delaware or Maryland.

You are already on vacation.  Friends and family are already down with you.  This is a perfect time to share your vows.

You don't have to worry about planning your renewal.  Sunny Beach Weddings can handle everything for you.  We provide the officiant, the photographer, the chairs, the altar, the music and more.

It can be just the two of you.  Or it can be your parents, children, best friends, and coworkers. Invite whoever you want.

You will really have time to enjoy and appreciate your vow renewal ceremony.  A wedding can be so overwhelming with the planning, cost, and stress of family.

Great opportunity for family portraits.  With the family already here get priceless family photographs right after the vow renewal ceremony.

Vow Renewal in Ocean City, MD

Tell you love her or him all over again.  This time you can share your love with the ocean breeze in your hair, the sand between 
your toes, and a big smile on your face that you are standing 
under the sun with your partner for life.

Assateague Island - Gigantic Oceanic Manta Ray Spotted Breaching

Assateague Island is most known for the wild ponies that roam the sandy beaches and campsites. Visitors come from around the world to enjoy the camping offered by Assateague Island.  Guests and locals love to watch the ponies and take some great pictures of course while maintaining a safe distance.

Another beautiful creature was just spotted in Assateague Island.  This time a little further out into the ocean.  A Gigantic Oceanic Manta Ray was seen breaching just of the coast of the Maryland Beach.  This amazing animal can stretch up to 23 feet across and weigh as much as 6600 pounds.

Giant Manta Rays travel throughout the world in different oceans and temperatures of water.  Similar to large whales, Giant Mantas feed mostly on plankton.  Their only real threat is that of coastal fisherman.

Again come to Assateague for the ponies, however, you never know what you might find in this beautiful beach vacation spot.

Sunny Beach Weddings specializes in beach weddings and vow renewals in Assateague Island.  Please give us a call today for more information on your beach wedding event.  302-581-0190

October Beach Weddings in Bethany Beach, Delaware

bethany beach wedding

All the reasons why this could be the perfect time of year to plan your beach wedding.

It is October 10, 2018, in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Walking down the boardwalk on a spectacularly sunny day, people are amazed to be reaching for their water bottles and wiping sweat from their brows.  That is because it is 85 degrees.  Yes, this is unusually warm for this time of year, but also a very common occurrence.

In Bethany Beach, Delaware October could just be the best month of the year to plan a beach wedding.  The staff at Sunny Beach Weddings has put together a list of reasons why October is ideal for a wedding ceremony on the beach.

First of all the weather.  Temperatures in Bethany Beach average in the mid-70s.  Great weather is not a necessity for a beach wedding event, consider it more of a luxury.  October weddings will allow the bridal party and guests to be more comfortable.

Great sense of privacy on the beach for the wedding ceremony.  Of course, there will be some people milling around or even laying out if it is an exceptionally warm day like a day.  But there will be plenty of room on the beach to have a secluded area for the beach wedding.  Sunny Beach Weddings still recommends having an evening or morning wedding during the weekend.  If you are planning a weekday beach wedding in October, any time of the day is possible.

Free and available parking for your wedding guests.  The meters in Bethany Beach are taken down September 15 and stay down until May 15.  There will also be plenty of available spaces.

Cheaper lodging for bridal party and guests.  The premiums paid for houses and hotels in Bethany Beach from June to September is significant.  Prices begin to drop significantly in October. Restaurants begin great winter specials. Autumn skies are great for beach wedding portraits.  For more information on Bethany Beach wedding photography please contact Sunny Beach Weddings. Beach weddings are available seven days a week from Sunny Beach Weddings.  Available Monday through Sunday from sunrise to sunset.

In conclusion, you and your guests will have a great experience in Bethany Beach, Delaware during in October.  Please contact Sunny Beach Weddings to help you make this wedding ceremony dream a beautiful reality.

Bethany Beach Wedding October 6, 2018

Sunny Beach Weddings Photography team enjoyed a wonderful wedding over Columbus Day

Some say that Columbus Day weekend is the official end to the summer for the beaches of Delaware and Maryland.  Between the unusually warm weather, the 3 day weekend, and the fact that many "cruisers" were in town, the town of Bethany Beach was bustling with visitors and locals.  It actually felt more like July 6th rather than October 6th.  However, that did not stop our young couple of newlyweds from sharing a spectacular wedding.

The entire event was hosted by Bethany Suites in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Sunny Beach Weddings gives this venue a 5-star review and recommends having a reception here for all Bethany Weddings.  The Bridal Party, family, and many guests also stayed at Bethany Suites.  A good choice as it cuts down on travel time, travel stress and travel cost.  It can be very relaxing and reassuring for the bride and the groom to know they are getting ready for one of the biggest days of their life only minutes from where the ceremony takes place.  If the bride needs to quickly freshen up or just take 5 minutes of peaceful relaxation her room is right there.  In addition by staying at the venue, the bride and groom eliminate the need for a wedding limousine.

The entire wedding went off perfectly.  It was a touching and romantic ceremony as the young couple shared their own unique wedding vows.  The Sunny Beach Wedding Photography team captured beautiful family portraits after the ceremony.  The bride also shared a precious first look with her groom before the ceremony.  Furthermore, the wedding party was able to do all their portraits before the wedding.  Finally, the reception was filled with love, laughter and plenty of excitement on the floor.

If you are looking to plan a Beach Wedding in the Bethany Beach area please contact Sunny Beach Weddings for more information.

Ocean City Glenn and Michelle's wedding

An Ocean City Maryland Wedding took place on 53rdStreet on September 2nd, 2018. The newlyweds were Glenn and Michelle of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Even though it was labor day weekend the couple choose to have an evening wedding which gave them a quiet beach setting.  Evening weddings on the beach are always best for many reasons.  The beach always clears as most people are off to dinner.  Also, the temperature drops to create a comfortable environment.  In addition, the sun is beginning to go down which creates the best lighting for getting amazing wedding and family portraits.

Glenn and Michelle shared a beautiful beach wedding ceremony with 40 of their closest friends and family. There wedding was beautifully decorated with blue accents and flowers.  Handcrafted wooden signs directed guests where to leave their shoes and where the wedding was to take place.  The couple shared a memorable sand ceremony and romantic first dance on the beach. Following the beach ceremony, the couple went to the Fenwick Inn in Ocean City, Maryland for a lovely reception.

Sunny Beach Weddings wishes Glenn and Michelle all the happiness in the world!!

Bethany Beach Meg and Garrett's wedding

Meg & Garrett Wedding Video 8-4-2018 Bethany Beach Wedding Sunny beach wedding

Meg and Garrett of Pennsylvania had a beautiful Wedding Ceremony in Bethany Beach, Delaware on August 4th2018.  The Wedding was hosted by Sunny Beach Weddings.  Just South of the Indian River Bridge and the Delaware National State Park is a small condominium community Indian Harbor Cove.  This is where the lovely couple tied the knot.  Even though it was a public beach it had the feel of a private beach.  To access the beach one must walk down a long charming wooden bridge.  The small walk is well worth the beautiful beach at its end.

ocean city maryland wedding packages

Around 30 guests witnessed the couple’s declaration of love and commitment to each other.  Meg and Garrett were accompanied by their 5 sons. The boys participated in the wedding through a sand ceremony.  In addition, the couple share a first dance under the Sunny Beach Wedding Bamboo Altar. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, there was a distant applause from groups of people enjoying the Delaware State Park. A young couple came and shared a small champagne toast with the newlywed couple.  After the Wedding, the family took some time to have some beautiful family portraits taken.

It was a perfect summer evening for a Bethany Beach Wedding.

Assateague Island Vickie and Todd's wedding

Sunny Beach Weddings 2018 Ocean City Wedding Packages copy

Vickie and Todd of Ohio had a beautiful morning beach wedding on Assateague Island on July 15, 2018.  This Sunday morning wedding was quite the setting.  A quiet peaceful beach, light breezes, and a sunny sky made the day perfect.  The ponies could be seen nearby on the beach.

Todd and Vickie were joined by close friends and family from all over the country even a few friends from Canada.  Vickie was walked down the aisle by her son.  They shared a memorable sand ceremony with their children.  Finally, the ceremony was capped off by a romantic first dance on the beach.  Sunny Beach Weddings was proud to provide this wonderful couple with all the aspects of their ceremony.  Billie one of our great officiants performed the ceremony.  Kristie took some amazing Wedding Portraits.  Viktor captured the entire event on video.  Sunny Beach Weddings also provided the chairs, bamboo altar and ceremony music.  Please call us today to plan your upcoming beach wedding.

Happy 4th of July from Sunny Beach Weddings!

Happy 4th of July from Sunny Beach Weddings and Photography Assateague Island Wedding Sunny Beach Weddings

4 Perfect Reasons to Propose in Ocean City

Christmas Wedding Engagements- Plan a Beach Wedding 

A Beach Wedding is a Great Wedding Idea

Christmas time is wonderful for so many reasons.  This season is a magical time when many people propose to their future husband or wife.  Christmas Day is the 2nd most popular day in America for couples to get engaged, trailing only Valentines Day.  Many of these Christmas engagements will be shared by the entire family as naturally, the family has already gathered for the holiday. As our excitement begins to wane, naturally the topic of the Wedding itself will show surface.  Family members questions and opinions will undoubtedly be voiced.  All your friends and family will probably have a different wedding idea for you.

Planning a Wedding

What time of year do you want to get married?

Where will the wedding be?

How many guests will you have?

How many bridesmaids?

Wedding planning can be a difficult task.

You can find useful ideas in these free wedding catalogs

You obviously are in the preliminary parts of planning your wedding day.  So many things to be considered.  Well, surprisingly there is a quick solution.  What if I told you there is a way to book your minister, photographer, videographer and ceremony venue all within a matter of minutes?  In addition what if I told you this could all be booked at fraction of the cost of an average wedding.  Finally what if I told you that almost everyone would love the place you decided to have your wedding?

You can have all of this by planning a beach wedding. Also, money will be saved by having a beach wedding.  Relax and enjoy your wedding day instead of dealing with all the stress of a traditional wedding.  You can book all your ceremony vendors in one place with a beach wedding.  Finally family and friends are going to love another reason to take a trip to the beach.

Sunny Beach Weddings can help this dream become a reality.