I am dreaming of a Beach Wedding, should I be worried about the weather?

Beach wedding

How to plan for beach wedding weather?

Twenty years ago, girls grew up dreaming of getting married in a tremendous cathedral. Also standing in front of hundreds of guests. The hottest trend in the wedding industry is having a micro-wedding with just the closest of friends and family members looking on. Having a wedding on the beach is a perfect location for a micro-wedding. Beach wedding weather provides cool breezes, sunny skies, and a beautiful atmosphere. In addition, this trend allows brides to save thousands of dollars and eliminate tremendous amounts of stress involved in the planning process. 

The Beaches of Maryland and Delaware are the ideal location for this “micro-wedding.” A vacation destination providing beach-front hotels, gourmet restaurants, and wonderful venues.

If you are planning an outdoor event, you must properly prepare for the uncertainty of the weather. Beach wedding weather is usually great.  However, a backup plan is an absolute necessity.

Ocean City, Maryland has an abundance of warm Sunny Days in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Therefore, there is a great chance nature will bless you with a beautiful day.  We have the perfect wedding packages to fulfill your dream of having a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Sunny Beach Weddings has been a part of outdoor events for close to 20 years. Therefore, we have the wisdom to share on the subject of weather and outdoor events. First of all, do not consume yourself with extended forecasts. Weather forecasts are constantly changing. If you are getting married outside, do not concern yourself with checking the weather until five to seven days before the wedding. More often than not, you will see a chance of rain in the future.  However,  when the time comes there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Enjoy your wedding day with Diabetics trust.

Most importantly have some form of backup plan in case of severe weather. We have moved wedding ceremonies inside houses, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, hotel balconies, restaurants, and wedding venues. Therefore, you may have to modify the number of guests attending the ceremony based on the size of the room.

For Maryland weddings, Sunny Beach Weddings can assist you with a backup location. We work with several Hotels that will assist in an indoor location if absolutely necessary. To reiterate, it is our number one goal to make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams on the beach. For Delaware weddings, we do not offer rain backup locations. However, we are happy to move the wedding inside to a hotel, restaurant, or rental accommodation.

Beach Wedding

Finally, we can still proceed as planned in light to moderate rain. Encourage guests to provide their own rain jackets and umbrellas if there is a threat of rain in the forecast. We have done many weddings in light rain. Also, many say the more it rains on your wedding day, the happier your marriage will be together.

Over the years we can proudly say that we have had to move very few weddings inside. There are times we have to deal with the elements, whether it be wind, rain, or cold temperatures. Ultimately, the key is to be prepared and to have a contingency plan in place. By being proactive, thinking ahead, and having an open mind to adverse conditions, you can help ensure that your beach wedding is a success.