How to Plan a Sunrise Wedding

A Sunrise Wedding is a wonderful way to have a beach wedding filled with peace and beauty.  We can help you plan a Sunrise Ceremony in any of the beaches in Delaware or Maryland.

If you are not sure if an early morning wedding is right for you, we have made a shortlist of the reasons why you should plan a Sunrise Beach Wedding.

  1. By far our client’s number one reason for planning a Sunrise Wedding.  You will have the beach to yourself.
  2. It is a wonderfully unique way to start your lives together.
  3. Of course Cooler Temperatures
  4. Not to mention Beautiful Skies
  5. Amazing Photographs
  6. Also a Peaceful Atmosphere

Tips for Planning Your Sunrise Beach Wedding

Each time we walk away from a sunrise wedding we find that everyone is so happy with the experience.  Often couples who are looking to elope choose a sunrise wedding for the tranquillity, beauty, and privacy.  Make sure you apply ahead of time for your Maryland marriage license.  Of course, if the beach wedding is in Delaware you will have to file for a Delaware marriage license.  Your wedding minister will make sure the marriage license is turned in following the ceremony.  Even in the case of an elopement, you will also want to plan ahead for a bride wedding bouquet.  If you are having a bridal party you may also want to get bridal party bouquets.
You could also use the sunrise to renew your vows.  This again could be done just the two of you or you could invite friends and family.  For a vow renewal, you will still want a bride wedding bouquet.
For a vow renewal or wedding, you may want to look into getting a beach wedding cake.  Especially for a sunrise ceremony you could cut and share the cake right on the beach.  For any other time of day, we suggest cutting the beach wedding cake back at your hotel room or beach wedding venue.