How to Plan a Wedding in Dewey Beach, Delaware

The day is made for sunny fun and the nights are made for revelry in Dewey Beach, which has always been proud of its rock-and-roll soul and its young-and-restless attitude. It is also blessed with ocean beaches on one side and a broad bay on the other.

Beach Weddings are free with the town but we will notify the town of the wedding. You also have to acquire a Marriage License from the Sussex County Clerk. However, hotel rooms are limited in Dewey Beach. As a result, many couples choose to rent a large beach house and walk to the beach from their home. Remember homes are available to rent year-round. Sunny Beach Weddings recommends planning a beach wedding in April, May, September, or October. This allows you to save a lot on your home or hotel rental. The offseason months provide cooler temperatures and more privacy on the beach. Finally, if you are planning a beach wedding from Memorial Day to Labor Day we offer services before 9 am and After 5 pm. Explore our WEDDING PACKAGES and save the date!

  1. Looking for a Reception Venue in Dewey Beach?

  2. The Rusty Rudder

    • Location: 113 Dickinson St, Dewey Beach, DE 19971
    • Description: The Rusty Rudder is a well-known waterfront venue that caters to weddings and events. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a versatile setting for various types of receptions. The indoor spaces are often elegantly decorated, and the outdoor areas may include waterfront decks with beautiful views.
  3. Lighthouse Cove Event Center

    • Location: 124 Dickinson St, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 (Located in the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach)
    • Description: The Lighthouse Cove Event Center is part of the Hyatt Place Dewey Beach and offers event spaces with scenic views of the bay. The venue provides a modern and stylish setting, and its bayfront location adds a unique charm to wedding receptions. The Hyatt Place Dewey Beach can also accommodate guests for overnight stays.
  4. North Beach

    • Location: 125 McKinley St, Dewey Beach, DE 19971
    • Description: North Beach is known for its oceanfront event spaces and stunning scenic views. It provides a picturesque setting for weddings, and the outdoor spaces may include beachfront areas suitable for ceremonies or receptions. The venue’s proximity to the beach adds a romantic and natural backdrop to the celebration.
  5. Ivy

    • Location: 136 Dagsworthy St, Dewey Beach, DE 19971
    • Description: Ivy is a restaurant and event space in Dewey Beach that offers a modern and stylish atmosphere. The venue may provide private spaces for receptions with a contemporary design. The restaurant setting can add a culinary element to your wedding celebration, offering a combination of good food and a chic ambiance.

When considering these venues, make sure to inquire about capacity, catering options, available amenities, and any specific requirements you may have for your wedding reception. Additionally, schedule a visit to each venue to get a firsthand look at the spaces and discuss your preferences with the event coordinators.