October Beach Weddings in Bethany Beach, Delaware

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​​How to Plan an October Beach Wedding in Bethany Beach, Delaware​

Why October is the Perfect Month for Your Beach Wedding

It is October 10, 2018, in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Walking down the boardwalk on a spectacularly sunny day, people are amazed to be reaching for their water bottles and wiping sweat from their brows.  That is because it is 85 degrees.  Yes, this is unusually warm for this time of year, but also a very common occurrence.

In Bethany Beach, Delaware October could just be the best month of the year to plan a beach wedding.  The staff at Sunny Beach Weddings has put together a list of reasons why October is ideal for a wedding ceremony on the beach.

First of all the weather.  Temperatures in Bethany Beach average in the mid-70s.  Great weather is not a necessity for a beach wedding event, consider it more of a luxury.  October weddings will allow the bridal party and guests to be more comfortable.

Great sense of privacy on the beach for the wedding ceremony.  Of course, there will be some people milling around or even laying out if it is an exceptionally warm day like a day.  But there will be plenty of room on the beach to have a secluded area for the beach wedding.  Sunny Beach Weddings still recommends having an evening or morning wedding during the weekend.  If you are planning a weekday beach wedding in October, any time of the day is possible.

Free and available parking for your wedding guests.  The meters in Bethany Beach are taken down on September 15 and stay down until May 15.  There will also be plenty of available spaces.

Cheaper lodging for bridal parties and guests.  The premiums paid for houses and hotels in Bethany Beach from June to September are significant.  Prices begin to drop significantly in October. Restaurants begin great winter specials. Autumn skies are great for beach wedding portraits.  For more information on Bethany Beach wedding photography please contact Sunny Beach Weddings. Beach weddings are available seven days a week from Sunny Beach Weddings.  Available Monday through Sunday from sunrise to sunset.

In conclusion, you and your guests will have a great experience in Bethany Beach, Delaware during in October.  Please contact Sunny Beach Weddings to help you make this wedding ceremony dream a beautiful reality.

A Romantic Columbus Day Beach Wedding in Bethany Beach

Sunny Beach Weddings Photography team enjoyed a wonderful wedding over Columbus Day

Some say that Columbus Day weekend is the official end to the summer for the beaches of Delaware and Maryland.  Between the unusually warm weather, the 3 day weekend, and the fact that many “cruisers” were in town, the town of Bethany Beach was bustling with visitors and locals.  It actually felt more like July 6th rather than October 6th.  However, that did not stop our young couple of newlyweds from sharing a spectacular wedding.

The entire event was hosted by Bethany Suites in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Sunny Beach Weddings gives this venue a 5-star review and recommends having a reception here for all Bethany Weddings.  The Bridal Party, family, and many guests also stayed at Bethany Suites.  A good choice as it cuts down on travel time, travel stress and travel cost.  It can be very relaxing and reassuring for the bride and the groom to know they are getting ready for one of the biggest days of their life only minutes from where the ceremony takes place.  If the bride needs to quickly freshen up or just take 5 minutes of peaceful relaxation her room is right there.  In addition by staying at the venue, the bride and groom eliminate the need for a wedding limousine.

The entire wedding went off perfectly.  It was a touching and romantic ceremony as the young couple shared their own unique wedding vows.  The Sunny Beach Wedding Photography team captured beautiful family portraits after the ceremony.  The bride also shared a precious first look with her groom before the ceremony.  Furthermore, the wedding party was able to do all their portraits before the wedding.  Finally, the reception was filled with love, laughter, and plenty of excitement on the floor.

If you are looking to plan a Beach Wedding in the Bethany Beach area please contact Sunny Beach Weddings for more information.